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  • Any crystal lover needs a piece of amethyst in their collection. Amethyst is a stone of the mind. It promotes calmness and clarity while helping us tune into intuition and feelings.


    Many call amethyst the 'dream stone' due to its ability to activation of the crown chakra and 3rd eye which results in vivid dreamscapes. 

    Amethyst also protects from negative though patterns and supports sobriety.


    These are Mined in the northern part of Malawi,  the district called Chitipa. Artisanal and small scale miners are the ones behind these beautiful chevrons, it's a newly discovered mine, The miners have no stable market for their produce at the moment, So we are pleased to be working with a fair and transparent supply chain to ensure that the miners can reap some benefits. We’re hoping that this first collection gets snapped up by you guys so we can order more and build a long-lasting relationship with the mine. 


    Origin: Responsibly sourced from Malawi

    Each piece is delivered in our eco-canvas pouch with a meaning card. 

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