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  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in the UK
  • The Cherry Shave Butter. Did someone say cherry shave butter? Yaaas, that’s me! I am a Cherry Shave Butter with Cocoa butter and Grapeseed Oil. Warm me up in your hands, lather me on and shave away. Not only do I help prevent those nasty cuts and ingrown’s. I am super hydrating & moisturising, so I will leave you feeling softer than a babies bum and smelling good enough to eat. YUM.


    Oh wise little Cherry Shave Butter pot tell me what does true self-love mean? Well, my gorgeous silky soft friend, to me, self-love is accepting who you are and loving yourself inside & out, for being exactly who you are…that’s loving all your imperfections, every single one.

    You know my famous saying “Perfect isn’t real”, well read and repeat babe. Chasing perfection will make you miserable because perfection just doesn’t exist. Get to know yourself fully and nurture, cherish and grow your relationship with YOU. The longest relationship we have on this planet is with ourselves so, reaaaally it’s the most important relationship we will have. Time to start putting yourself first I think… xoxo.

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