BAVEBath Soak Set

  • Made in the UK
  • Soothe the skin in brilliantly scented bubbles, with our kind-to-skin formula. Infused with our unique essential oils for a naturally strong scent. Soak our entire collection with this Set featuring all six of our Bath Soaks.



    1x 500ml bottle of Bergamot & Cedarwood Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Frankincense & Black Pepper Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Tobacco & Vanilla Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Eucalyptus & Orange Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Peppermint & Sage Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Pomegranate & Plum Bath Soak.

    The BAVE Guide: the ultimate bathing bible.

    A collectable BAVE Rubber Duck.



    Bergamot & Cedarwood: Warm and woody scent of Cedarwood enhanced by the citrusy, floral qualities of refreshing Bergamot.

    Frankincense & Black Pepper: Soothing fragrance of Frankincense paired with spicy, fruity and floral hints of Black Pepper.

    Tobacco & Vanilla: Rich masculine base note of Tobacco Leaf paired with, and highlighted by, warm and comforting Vanilla.

    Eucalyptus & Orange: Cool and invigorating Eucalyptus paired perfectly with sweet and citrusy tones derived from Orange.

    Peppermint & Sage: Cool and refreshing Peppermint perfectly combined with the earthy, herbal notes of Sage.

    Pomegranate & Plum: Fruity and smooth Pomegranate perfectly enhanced by the indulgent notes of Plum.

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