Kati KaiaAurelia Gallery Yoga Mat

Embrace colour and work with the deep passion of Orange brights - connect to the Sacral Chakra and that tribal movement on the mat!


Artistry Natural Rubber Yoga Mat With Strap. Feel-good juicy tangerine oranges and peach with an electric kick! Our beautiful new energetic A U R E L I A mat hits with dopamine uplifting yellow, orange, peach and white, our Ibiza sunset dream. Embrace colour and work with the deep passion of the Sacral Chakra and that tribal movement.

Kati Kaia Yoga Mats are constructed with non-slip, 100% natural rubber with a premium vegan suede top, which is made from recycled PET bottles, providing anti-slip grip and protection for all yoga practices, including Hot Yoga and sweaty practices such as workouts, pilates, HIIT and weight training.

No toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process to soften the rubber.

They are longer and wider than standard mats, so you can deeply relax in Savasana or childs pose knowing your mat is grounding, non toxic, supportive and gives you great space and cushioning to perform some serious Asanas. Yoga Carry Strap Included.

Pure Joy to roll out your mat each day and boost your mood with powerful Orange! 

Orange Therapy: This colour is linked to the Sacral Chakra in energy work. Opening the Sacral Chakra can boost creativity, manifested desire and confidence.

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