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  • Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising? Soften your strong nature with relaxing neurocosmetic essences and adaptogens which work on making the skin's microbiome supple and calm.


    According to ancient theory, Aquarius could sometimes have a highly sensitive nature, which meant they were susceptible to anxiety.

    Children of Earth's modern application:  

    Aquarius should focus on building their sense of inner power, via a confidence-boosting approach to life!

    KEY personalised ingredients:

    ASTROSHROOM COMPLEX - Mushrooms were traditionally thought to be ruled by the Moon. Our AstroShroom blend contains Chaga, Reishi, Maitake and Cordyceps mushrooms. Chaga is proven to reduce oxidative stress in skin cells, and reduce wrinkle formation by increasing collagen production. Cordyceps is proven to inhibit ageing in cells, and reduce stress from UVB sun damage. Maitake has been found to be a functional antioxidant that prevents inflammation from contact with plastics and endocrine disruptors. Dermoprotective reishi is proven to improve inflammatory skin conditions, promote wound healing, and reduce skin photo-ageing.

    NEROLI OIL- This anti-inflammatory wonder oil is clinically proven to reduce anxiety and a powerful antioxidant glow-giver for skin.

    ROSE OIL - Libido boosting rose oil is also clinically proven to relax on a physiological and psychological level. Wonderful for skin: helps skin temperature, skin blood flow, electrodermal activity; and also for brain activity.

    CORIANDER OIL - This is a powerful anti-ageing and collagen boosting ingredient, proven to have antidepressant properties for the brain!

    Children of Earth's astrobotanical series uses neurocosmetics, botany and 16th century planetary theory to inform a carefully curated selection of natural ingredients and adaptogens that work on the skin-brain connection, nurturing the skin's natural glow whilst restoring a calm, grounded mental state.

    Proven by neuroscience. Personalised by bespoke botany.

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