Beauty ProAnti-Ageing Serum Trio


Beauty ProAnti-Ageing Serum Trio

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Must-have morning and evening serum bundle to combat signs of ageing and enhance skin hydration.

Combat the signs of ageing by creating a skincare routine that replenishes, renews and energises the skin. The BeautyPro Anti Ageing Routine contains 3 products that will improve your skin health and smooth the skin to help you achieve a youthful, glowing complexion. 

The VITAMIN C Serum is a powerful Vitamin C formula born from Blueberry, Yuzu Citrus and Sea Buckthorn, used to enhance the skin’s hydration, elasticity and natural glow.

The HYALURONIC ACID Serum uses all natural ingredients to powerfully lock in moisture and provide the skin with deep nourishment. Using the power of Soybean and Chamomile, the formula will hydrate and brighten the complexion.

The RETINOL Overnight Serum with Retinol is a powerful anti-ageing formula that uses the power of Seaweed Kelp Complex and Organic Pine Oil to boost the production of collagen, protecting the skin from damage and resulting in a youthful and healthy complexion.

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