BOTLStainless Steel Vaccum Insulated Bottle

  • B-Corp
  • 350ml Mangrove Insulated Bottle


    onegreenbottle (or BOTL) is a Certified B-Corporation. For every bottle sold, they reclaim 25 plastic bottles from the ocean. Their caps are made from ocean harvested Polypropylene, have zero plastic packaging and a zero plastic supply chain. Bottles are carbon neutral within weeks of using and they have been around since 2006. Bottles meet the highest grade of safety certification and have outstanding thermal performance - they look pretty dandy too!

    19cm H x 7cm D
    Weight: 237g

    New Skin Edition - soft touch rubber paint finish

    The new 350ml Mangrove edition just has a do-over. New colour based on 'climate action' theme. Mangroves are a most effective, fast growing, carbon absorbing plant. That's why BOTL has teamed up with Ocean Generation to plant some mangroves.

    Please note: Cap made from BPA/BPS free non leaching polypropylene with a BPA /BPS free silicone seal and air valve. This material is more brittle than other plastics so please take care when using with very young children or toddlers who may chew the spout. Not suitable for children under 18months. Bottle 304 grade stainless steel. 

    Offer include bottle and cap, does NOT include silicone sloop bottle carrier - shown in some images

    100% recyclable

    olive green colour insulated metal bottle 


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