Aaron Wallace3 Step System + High Performance Beard Oil


Aaron Wallace3 Step System + High Performance Beard Oil

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A fuller, healthier hair and beard begin with healthy afro hair which is why we recommend a system to ensure hair has been cleansed, strengthened, moisturised and oiled for best results.

Created especially for the needs of Black men our completely natural and vegan friendly formulations gently cleanse, strengthen and moisturise to combat early receding hair and patches in the beard.
We focus on maximum hydration and nutrition to penetrate thick hair and nourish down to the follicle. Creating healthier, more supple head and beard hair.

Infused with distinct notes of amber, leather and spices opening with baies rose, bergamot and lime.



Hydrating Shampoo: Naturally cleanse without stripping the hair of its natural oils

Nourishing Conditioner: Strengthens the individual strands of hair, improves moisture retention and reduces frizz 

Softening Moisturiser: Tugging leads to patches and early receding hair. Avoid snags and breakage by adding essential moisture needed for softer hair and easier combing. 

High Performance Beard Oil: Winner of the Ask Men Awards our beard oil is designed to mimic your bodies natural sebum oil allowing it to penetrate and nourish deep into the hair. 
Our HP Beard Oil locks in moisture leaving hair softer for longer.
Adds caffeine extracts to encourage growth and essential oils & nutrients for a healthy shine.

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