Leaf EnvyKumquat Tree



Light Requirements

Keep this plant in the sunshine. The more sun.. the more likely you’ll grow fruit.


Watering Schedule

Water when the top 2'' of soil are starting to dry out.



Mist often to keep humidity levels high.


Sad Plant Signs

Brown, curling leaves: Lack of water or salt build up in soil. Reduce fertilising routine and water only with rainwater moving forwards. Keep soil moist. Yellow leaves: Over-watering, improper drainage or pests. Make sure your decorative pot has drainage holes and that the roots aren't sitting in water. Inspect the plant for any pests and treat accordingly. Dropping leaves: Do not worry - this is completely normal in the winter months.


If you choose to pair your plant with one of Leaf Envy's pots, we recommend purchasing a waterproof sealant to apply to the pot surfaces. This will ensure longevity and durability. 

As our products are living, please note that they may vary in shape and size.

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