HOLD Can Kardashian-approved psychic Jayne Wallace help Sasha Keable?

1 mins
12 Apr 2022

The British singer-songwriter attempts to connect with a late loved one via Kim K-approved clairvoyant Jayne Wallace

words Eve Walker

Psychic healer and clairvoyant Jayne Wallace runs sessions with the stars, using crystals and personal possessions to connect the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Larry King to the other side. Wallace has an innate gift for readings that can be pretty spooky to watch unfold. Tuning in to loved connections, passing on messages from beyond the grave, and guiding the stars to their next steps in life, her at times scarily accurate sessions suggest that there really is more to life than meets the eye.

Singer-songwriter Sasha Keable behind the intense and evocative Intermissions is keen to get to know. The British-Colombian artist sits down with Wallace in hopes of reaching her late stepdad. After Jane reveals connections to love, life transitions, and family, Sasha shows us her vulnerable side.

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