Pangaia have used their own textile waste for this new rainbow-coloured drop

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05 Aug 2022
Inside Pangaia's sustainable Re-color drop

A schooling in "reduce, reuse, recycle"

image Pangaia

words Megan Wallace

PANGAIA fan? Us too. Not only are their amazing staple items sustainable, they come in a serotonin-boosting array of colours and are totally comfy, too. When many high street brands are guilty of greenwashing without really committing to sustainable practices or materials,  PANGAIA shows us again and again how truly eco-friendly fashion is done.

Case-in-point, their latest drop: which they’ve titled Re-color. The clothes themselves, which range from shorts and t-shirts to joggers and hoodies, are totally versatile — and you can wear them guilt-free, too. Coming in a rainbow of colours including coral pink, apricot, aloe green and sky blue, the brand has come up with a way to tackle the water-intensive process of dying garments.


Amazing right? The capsule collection has been coloured with Recycrom™ — a new, breakthrough dye technology.  PANGAIA has taken their textile leftovers and recycled them into new one-of-a-kind colours by pulverising unused material offcuts into fine pigment powders and applying the pigment powders to dye the pieces. What makes Recycrom so special is that it’s not part of a chemical solution, meaning that it can be easily filtered from water during the dyeing process — which equals fewer harmful chemicals involved in the process.

Yes, it all sounds kind of complicated, but all you really need to know is that it’s a much smarter and less wasteful way to approach the business of dying clothes and aims to cut down on waste and help bring the brand towards a circular model.

This development all makes sense when you remember that  PANGAIA has always been about science and fashion colliding. Sustainable innovation has been a part of the brand DNA since it was founded: it’s about creating wearable pieces turbocharged with the best in science and technology.

The new “Re-color” capsule is now available for purchase from PANGAIA.

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