MOOD: Trippy

1 mins
19 Oct 2022

For when you’re feeling creative, inspired and transcendent

From finding ways to help expand our minds to tapping into the power of hallucinogens, we’re not afraid to ask the bigger questions. Gen Z are fronting the psychedelic revolution; finding more creative ways than ever before to work towards self-betterment and improve our mental health. And we’re coming along for the ride.

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We’ve compiled a hypnotic list of innovative (and safe) ways to explore this exciting new world of psychedelics. And it’s not just about things to ingest; getting trippy is also about experiences. Like for example, how having an out of body experience can be used to treat mental health issues. Or how talking to a psychic can change your views on matters of life and death, literally. But we’re not pretending that these opportunities have only just emerged - the concept of tripping has an entire cultural history to be investigated. That’s why we talk to experts in the field, like this historical roundup of trippy kids shows that we can now look back at in a completely different light. It's time to expand our minds, and look at the world we know in new and exciting ways.


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