Kate Moss's wellness brand contains actual moss

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01 Sep 2022
Kate Moss's wellness brand contains actual moss

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Croydon's finest, Kate Moss, has officially launched her wellness brand, Cosmoss, with capsule collection of products has landed on the brand's official website.

Ranging from more traditional skincare items like facial cleanser and cream, to perfume and CBD pro-collagen oil drops, the collection also includes two kinds of tea; one - dawn - for waking up in the morning and the other - dusk - for winding down in the evening. Price-wise, items from between £20 for a pack of twenty tea bags (which works out at £1 per cup, not bad for any Pret addicts out there) and, at the more expensive end, £120 for the 100ml of the eau de parfum.

The products are organised into different "rituals" for dawn, day and dusk so that your morning, day-time and evening self-care routines are covered. Some of the ingredients used in the range include cannabidiol (aka CBD), chia seeds, bakuchiol (a plant-based alternative to retinol) and, funnily enough, moss. Yes, extracts of the plant which just so happens to share the supermodel's surname can be found in the Cosmoss face cleanser, face cream and perfume, which are all described as "sacred mist".

This launch shows Moss a far cry from her 90s heyday of partying and drinking, having made the pivot to a more sober way of life that sees her treasuring "natural substances" over, well, the alternatives to that. The site explains that Cosmoss is to be a "celebration of every day exactly as it is, with all its imperfections. Each product has been meticulously crafted with wellbeing in mind, using potent, natural substances. Each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration, and love; each fragrance and infusion recentres and completes." Sounds cool, huh?

Also to be found on the website is "Kate's Corner", a section including thoughts, ephemera and pictures from Moss herself. Currently, the blog has three entries providing insight into what has inspired Cosmoss's brand identity - the Swiss artist Emma Kunz who explored vibrational energy, a dusky sky during Paris Fashion Week and the song "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake. Ngl, it looks like Kate's coming for Bella Hadid's esoteric supermodel crown with a side-serving of Goop.

Moss announced her Cosmoss venture back in August, with a black and white IG video of her wading, fully naked, into a lake and in the run-up to the launch has been opening up about her own journey with wellness in the press. Speaking to Vogue, she described how reading The Big Book (a self-help book detailing the twelve-step Alcoholics Anonymous programme) transformed her life. "I learnt to look at myself, at my shortcomings and truthfully at who I am. And not be afraid," she said. "I started meditating every day, doing transcendental meditation, wild swimming..."

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